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We have solutions for children from infants to three years old, four year olds (preschool), five year olds (kindergarten), six year olds, (first grade), seven year olds (second grade), and eight year olds (third grade). Our programs are individualized equity plans that target early learners in three core areas:

  • Foundational learning
  • Equity engagement
  • Academic exposure

Contact our Early Learning Literacy Specialist and Managing Partner, Jozelia Richardson today for an overview of how we engage early learners through our EEG reading programs.


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Education Equity Group closes achievement and opportunity gaps for African American students.


Education Equity Group, LLC is a leading education management and consulting solutions company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and Cleveland, Ohio. We are committed to supporting African American students, families, and the schools they attend. We are building leadership capacity for our families and powering education with our innovative solutions.

Our targeted efforts for African American students include working with preschool programs nationwide. Education Equity Group addresses barriers inside and outside the classroom that reach the full spectrum along the educational continuum from early learning, child literacy, parent engagement, parent education, adult literacy, and professional development.

The Education Equity Group provides strategic education and equity solutions for early learners and their families to ensure African American children are on an optimal path for academic success by age eight. We provide powerful learning solutions, dynamic learning content and professional development for teachers of African American students and their families.


We are embedded with your school organization and maximize content delivery systems and professional development services. We enhance your content or create something altogether new. Our dynamic involvement training solutions establish stronger foundations for meaningful activity to support African American students.


Active progress monitoring and continued follow-on support separate us from the pack. From project start to finish, no other organization provides our dedicated support services and performance metrics to analyze measured growth and deliver proactive layers of support.